We are located 1-2 minutes from Nagai station on either JR or subway, just east of big, beautiful Nagai Park. In fact, one whole wall of the room is a big window facing the park!

Address: Osaka-shi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Nagaihigashi 4-2-3, 3rd floor #C

By Metro (subway): From the Nagai station on the Midosuji Line, go up the stairs at Exit #2 and walk straight ahead on the sidewalk. You will soon see a pinkish-brown building with Yoshinoya and Lawson. Enter the building under Century 21, and we are on the third floor.

By JR: From the Nagai station on the JR Hanwa Line, turn right after going through the ticket gate. You should see a pinkish brown building – that’s your goal. Walk either direction around the block and enter the building on the side facing the park. The entrance is next to Lawson, under Century 21. We are on the third floor.

By Car: Follow the map. There is coin parking behind the building (toward the JR station).